Quick and Easy Tips for Styling Open Shelving

One of my farmhouse dreams was to have some open shelving added throughout our home. To me it is a very affordable way to make your house a home.  Open shelving allows you to add touches of what is important to you, as well as add depth and texture to your home decor.  I was nervous at first but I am so very glad we decided to go for it.

My open shelving in my kitchen is very practical. These particular shelves are special to me because the wood was milled by a friend of ours out of a walnut tree, and they match our walnut counters perfectly.  I use the top shelf to add little farmhouse touches that I’ve gathered at local antique stores. The middle shelf is used to store cooking ingredients that I use often. You will hear me talk a lot about adding texture to a space. Glass jars are a perfect way to do this! I literally have them all throughout my home! The food in the containers softens up the space a bit with the different tones and textures of the food stored inside.  And finally the bottom shelf is used to store our daily use items like cups, plates and bowls. Another cute, and sustainable, idea for the bottom shelf would be to add a basket that holds washable napkins for the family to grab as needed.  Here are the napkins we use. You can’t go wrong with buffalo check if you are looking for that farmhouse feel.

Our open shelving above our coffee bar is a tad less practical, but gives me a fun space to change out with the seasons. This space is such a fun creative outlet for me, and it’s small enough that the changes don’t feel overwhelming. I know, as someone who truly enjoys decorating, that the thought of changing any space out each season can sound daunting for some people.  Do not ever feel like this is something you have to do. Know who you are and what you enjoy to do. Also, know your space. I do not need much storage in this area as I have the buffet that serves that purpose for me. If I did need to store more mugs or coffee and tea supplies I could simply add some inexpensive wicker or wire baskets to my shelves.  Find some vintage tea or coffee cans and use them on your shelves to hold tea, kcups, or supplies.  Cute can be practical!

Head here to learn how to make your own budget friendly open shelving.

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